about us

Bathroom renovations are our core business, however we (Tom and Brad) offer more than that.  We are fully qualified builders, tilers, carpenters, plumbers. We also have a wide range of quality contractors we have developed relationships with to ensure every part of your renovation or build is project managed to perfection to deliver high quality and on-time results.


You’re the person who knows what your finished project will be like, but are happy for Tom and Brad to make it happen.

You have great ideas, are chasing quality workmanship and value for money.  You want your renovation done well, in a way you would be proud to show off to your friends.

You’re renovating your own home, you possibly don’t have a great deal of time (but know what you want), you’re close to your project and want it realized in the same way you see it. You want to form a trust relationship with quality professional builders who understands your desired outcomes, to deliver the kind of quality that stands for value for money.

We always know what is going on with every project, and are there for every decision, major work and to ensure our client is fully informed of progress.

“Due to our wide range of experience and qualifications we can help our clients work out what is feasible and how to renovate in a cost effective way with results that are impressive, practical and  delivered on time.”

“Every decision and all workmanship is undertaken with a view to what we would do in our own homes and to make sure our clients will be delighted with the results.”

“We often work with clients who want to source their own tiles, fixtures, fittings and finishes – but just want us to install them and make them work.  We love to work this way, as our skill is in the workmanship, not in choosing a tile.  This saves money for our clients and give them control of the project.”

“With every milestone we want to stand back and be proud of our work and treat each renovation as our own.  Our clients will tell you each of our projects are completed to perfection and managed smoothly from start to finish.”


Although Tom has the precision of his German background, he is a local through and through.  And Brad has been a Queenslander since.  They both joke they will “Go the extra mile, but not as far as Brisbane.”